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Digital Infrared Thermometer

There are several types of a thermometer in the market. Some of them are Glass and Mercury Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Electronic Thermometers, Forehead, Pacific, or Plastic Strip Thermometers. In addition, some of them need a body/object contact and some of them are Non-Contact purposes. So, among these all, today we will be discussing Digital Infrared Thermometer, its useful aspects, specifications, and pricing.

Benefits of Digital Infrared Thermometer

Above all, this Digital Infrared Thermometer is a non-contact digital laser infrared thermometer, it can be used from distant. It is a handheld device that can display temperature readout. Such a thermometer scans the portion of a targeted object with its built-in laser. We can use this digital thermometer to check the temperature of ventilation, automobile, food item.

Recently, this digital thermometer is widely used in many areas to check the temperature/fever of a person if he is suffered from a Corona Virus or not. One of the specific symptoms of coronavirus infected person is a fever. So, this infrared thermometer can help in that situation. Using this non-contact infrared thermometer, one may not touch the subject. This prevents from spreading/transfer of virus or any molecules that may contain harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses. Due to its usefulness and benefits, many people are buying and using this digital thermometer.

Digital Infrared Thermometer

Specifications of Infrared Thermometer

All types of thermometer have got their specifications. Similarly, the specifications of this thermometer are as follows:

  1. It is an IR Laser Temperature Meter. So, it works on infrared theory basis.
  2. It is a DIGITAL type. And, the display size is 1.9 inches and under.
  3. It has got an LCD display and buttons.
  4. Its power type is AAA battery and power supply ranges up to 2x AAA 7 batteries.
  5. The temperature reading range varies from -50~950°C (-58 to 1742°F)
  6. Its styling purpose is a hand-held type.
  7. It is for indoor use only.
  8. Its object distance ratio is 12:1.
  9. Its size ranges from 145x93x38 mm i.e. 5.71”x3.66”x1.5” or might change with little other values according to manufacturing companies.
  10. Its response time is 500 milliseconds.
  11. This infrared thermometer can be featured as a baby, children thermometer, forehead thermometer, thermometer infrared, etc.
  12. Its emission rate is 0.95 preset.

In conclusion, these are the specification of Infrared Thermometers. Also, please note that according to the price range the specifications might change.

Pricing of Infrared Thermometer

Finally, we have come to pricing detail. The price might get different as per its features and specifications, design, or shipping cost. For example pricing of Digital Infrared Thermometer ranges from $34, $58.49, $65.59 to $122.99.

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