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Phone Sterilizer Box gagdet dynasty

Keeping in mind “prevention is better than cure”; we human being are always in search of new products or methods which keeps us away from diseases. As we know germs and bacteria are the reason behind diseases, phone sterilizer box or smartphone UV sanitizer also called PhoneSoap is an electronic device that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria from our smartphone. Today we are discussing the uses and benefits of phone sterilizer boxes.

Why do smartphones need to clean?

Nowadays, smartphones are the best thing that we must have to live life digitally. It is the only device from which we can do multiple tasks like calling people over the phone, taking pictures or playing games. It is the best gadget ever invented. Though it is widely used, it is scientifically proven that smartphones are eighteen times dirtier than a public toilet. We pass germs and bacteria to our smartphone as we pick up everyday items like groceries from the market, take them to restrooms and wash hands but can’t wash our smartphones. After we use smartphones in so many public places we put it in our pocket. As a result, warm pockets or purse helps germs and bacteria to breed and grow. So, it needs to clean or sanitize.


How to Clean or Sanitize Smartphone with Phone Sterilizer Box?

Phone Sterilizer Box gagdet dynasty

This is the most question smartphone user asked as most of the smartphones are not waterproof and hard to clean in all areas of the phone. The only way to clean a smartphone from germs and bacteria is to sanitize it properly. For this scientists had invented an electric device called PhoneSoap. It uses UV-C light to sanitize our phones and kills 99.99% germs and bacteria without any physical damage. Though it kills germs and bacteria on the smartphone it has not yet tested against COVID-19 or coronavirus. But keep in mind “prevention is better than cure”, it’s the best idea to use smartphone sanitizer to get rid of all kinds of flu viruses.

How to Use Smartphone Sanitizer?

It is a small, rectangular size and easy to use the electric device. It used UVC technology to kill germs and bacteria on the smartphone. Basically there are three ports; first one power port, secondly USB port and thirdly USB-C port. Inside the box, there are two UV-C bulbs. We just need to put our smartphone inside that box and then close the box. Then within ten minutes, it kills all germs and bacteria from our smartphones without any physical damage; after that, it automatically turns off. And, finally, we get our smartphone germs and bacteria-free.

However, smartphone sanitizer is not scientifically tested on COVID-19 or coronavirus but clinically tested it kills 99.99% germs. So, using a phone sterilizer box is the best way to keep away from all kinds of germs and bacteria.

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